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Current President's Message

I am so proud and excited to lead this historic organization into its 117th year as an organization. We have a great lineup of speakers planned for the year.

Background of getting involved in GCS:

  • Talk about running into past president K Waud and getting involved in the organization right after moving back to DC only 2 years ago

  • Speak about the warm, welcoming environment at the first meeting created by members and past presidents such as: Andrea Giamotti, Steve Lock, John Long. An honor to hear the new dean of the medical school speak to the crowd and reconnect with updates from the medical school

  • Instantly decided to become a member of the organization. Continued to be drawn to all the meetings and attended as many as possible, even while pregnant with my first baby and moving into our first house in Georgetown, and continued to make new friends, get amazing advice, and deepen friendships with others such as Emily Morrin and past president Esma Atkin

  • I was honored to be given the opportunity to take on the role of president by Esma Akin and know i had big shoes to fill knowing what a great year she had last year that I truly enjoyed

Plan for the year

  • Thank you to all who have guided me in taking on the task of being president and provided me with all of the resources and guidance - big shout outs to the executive board of past presidents including Esma, Nancy, Saeed, Daphne, Andrea, Steve, John–it has been nice having all of you on speed dial.

  • Thank you to the current leadership board, including my vice president Vivan Fraga, and our new member and treasurer Jake Khanna, and secretary Maria Braileanu

  • Great lineup of speakers- Coach Cooley for the first meeting in October, the ambassador from Azerbaijan in November, and Dr. Anthony Fauci in February

  • Thank you to the Zorcs for hosting the welcome party

  • Looking forward to our annual christmas party in december, and doctor of the year in March, and pizza party in the spring

Additional goals for the year:

  • Updates to the website

  • Automating membership and renewal of dues

  • Expanding membership in the society, going beyond word of mouth to get a larger reach of Georgetown medical, residency and fellowship grads in the area involved in the organization

  • Stabilizing and strengthening finances so we can continue to enjoy being a part of such a historic organization while also doing our part to provide support to the medical school through scholarships to the medical students

  • Consolidating and digitizing all resources and documents related to the GCS to ease transition year to year and better preserve the legacy of the organization

Neelam Khan, MD

President, GCS 2023-2024

September 2023

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