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GCS History


The Georgetown Clinical Society was founded in 1906 by 11 Charter members from the 1906 medical School class. Its purpose is the promotion of scientific knowledge and professional fraternalism among its members. Its object today is to bring together all who have trained or taught at Georgetown in the DC Metropolitan area.


It affords an opportunity for all those associated with Georgetown to meet and know their colleagues practicing in the community. It represents a direct extension of the first association of Medical alumni which originated from the School of Medicine in 1869. It is a proud society dedicated to the memory of our teachers, to the school of Medicine, and to our dedicated physicians of the past and present.


The 50th anniversary of the society was celebrated on November 20, 1956, at the Williamsburg Room of the Mayflower Hotel. The 100th anniversary was spent at Leo Donovan Hall in 2006 under the auspices of Ray Mitchell current Dean of the Medical School.


That goal still lives on today, as Georgetown-trained physicians and faculty residing in the DC metropolitan area come together to celebrate the traditions and camaraderie of their common background.  The Society also supports academic excellence at Georgetown Medical School by annually awarding a scholarship to a deserving medical student who exemplifies the highest ideals of the medical profession.


The Society affords an opportunity for Georgetown-affiliated physicians to meet in a social setting and become better acquainted with their colleagues practicing in the community.  Evolving as a direct extension from the first association of medical alumni that originated from the School of Medicine in 1869, the Georgetown Clinical Society has proudly dedicated itself to the memory of its teachers, the School of Medicine, and to its membership, past and present.  The Society recently commemorated its 100th anniversary under the auspices of Stephen Ray Mitchell, current Dean of the Medical School.


Currently, there are approximately 300 members representing all different specialties and practice types, including physicians participating in research and teaching.  Every generation of alumni is represented in the membership, and it is a common site at GCS gatherings to see lively discussions between all generations of physicians.


There are usually four dinner meetings scheduled each year, during which a local or nationally renowned speaker gives a presentation on a non-medical topic of interest. We have had a wide variety of speakers, including astronauts, scientists, reporters, sports figures, politicians, and TV personalities.  Other yearly events include a well-attended Christmas dance and a dinner each spring honoring the “Physician of the Year.”  This annual event recognizes a GCS physician who embodies the finest Georgetown ideals.  There is also a May Golf Outing and dinner which has traditionally featured well-known sports figures as guest speakers. This outing has functioned as the primary fundraising activity for the Society. A popular wine tasting event has also been added to the calendar over the past few years.


Tradition has always been important to the Society, as has the support for the School of Medicine. Although the Society has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of its mission, there is one thing that has never changed – the irreplaceable bonds of friendship, camaraderie and loyalty that can always be found between members of the Georgetown medical family.

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