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Doctor of the Year


The esteemed Doctor of the Year Award is bestowed annually upon a distinguished physician member of GCS who is emblematic of our profession's virtues: unwavering excellence in medical practice, steadfast allegiance to our esteemed Alma Mater, and an unyielding devotion to our Society's noble cause.

The recipient of this prestigious accolade is honored with the presentation of the exquisitely crafted "Igni" statuette, an emblem of distinction conceptualized and brought to life by the venerable Dr. Saeed Marefat, a former president of GCS (2013-14). The statuette is named in homage to St. Ignatius of Loyola and epitomizes the ethos of Ignatian Spirituality, which serves as the guiding beacon for the endeavors of the Jesuit order and Georgetown University alike. The St. Ignatius Chapel, ensconced within the southwest wing of the Georgetown School of Medicine's first floor, is a sacred space that stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of excellence and enlightenment fostered by our revered Alma Mater.

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Prior Doctor of the Year Recipients

1945               Dr. J.J. Mundell
1946               Dr. Casimir F. Leibell
1947               Dr. F.R. Sanderson
1948               Dr. Wallace M. Yater
1949               Dr. William F. O’Donnell
1950               Dr. R. M. LeComte
1951               Dr. S. Logan Owens
1952               Dr. J. Bay Jacobs
1953               Dr. J.J. McCarthy, Sr.
1954               Dr. James A. Gannon
1955               Dr. Frank J. Eichenlaub
1956               Dr. Jerome F. Crowley
1957               Dr. William P. Argy
1958               Dr. Raymond Holden (1928)
1959               Dr. William P. Herbst
1960               Dr. A. Magruder MacDonald

1961               Dr. Vincent J. Dardin
1962               Dr. Isadore Rodis (1928)
1963               Dr. Phillip Caufield
1964               Dr. Tom Keliher (1938)
1965               Dr. Ed NcNamara
1966               Dr. Stephen Nealon, Jr. (1933)
1967               Dr. Paul Wilner (1936)
1968               Dr. Gerald McAteer (1937)
1969               Dr. Charles Millwater (1932)
1970               Dr. Bernard Walsh (1934)
1971               Dr. Ray Osbourn (1940)
1972               Dr. Ben Mundell (1934)
1973               Dr. Bob Maher (1932)
1974               Dr. Harry Horstman (1942)
1975               Dr. Joseph Peabody (1948)
1976               Dr. Robert F. Donohoe (1949)
1977               Dr. William D. Dolan (1942)
1978               Dr. James Boland (1947)
1979               Dr. Lawrence McCaleb (1934)
1980               Dr. Joseph A. Dugan (1941)
1981               Dr. James Kehoe (1947)
1982               Dr. James Fitzgerald (1948)
1983               Dr. Albert F. Fleury (1946)
1984               Dr. James Nugent (1953)
1985               Dr. Robert Scanlon (1954)
1986               Dr. William Maxted (1954)
1987               Dr. Charles Carroll (1961)
1988               Dr. Charles Keegan (1947)
1989               Dr. John Dillon (1956)
1990               Dr. Eugene P. Libre
1991               Dr. Landon Banfield
1992               Dr. Jim D’Albora
1993               Dr. William Flynn
1994               Dr. John Millwater
1995               Dr. Maurice Casey
1996               Dr. Edward Gwozdz
1997               Dr. Joe Swift
1998               Dr. Jack Delahay
1999               Dr. J. Neill Kennedy
2000               Dr. Pat Caulfield
2001               Dr. Peter Petrucci
2002               Dr. Barbara Black
2003               Dr. Jim Rotchford
2004               Dr. Vincent Garagusi
2005               Dr. Joe Giere
2006               Dr. Rick De Rosa
2007               Dr. Bob Carnathan

2008               Dr. Luis Sanz
2009               Dr. John O’Neill, Sr.
2010               Dr. Patrick Mahat
2011               Dr. John Long
2012               Dr. Frank Palumbo
2013               Dr. Mark Reiter
2014               Dr. Andrea Giacometti
2015               Dr. Daphne Keshishian
​2016               Dr. Bill Licamele
​2017               Dr. Nancy Ripp Clark
2018               Dr. Luke Grande
2019               Dr. Tom Zorc
2020               COVID
2021               Dr. Stephen Ray Mitchell
2022               COVID
2023               Dr. Stephen Luck

2024               Dr. Emily Morin

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